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License Overview


The standard e-coach license provides hosted, on-line access to all of the content in all of the current coaching modules. Modules currently available address:

Getting Along with Peers

Managing Priorities

Interacting with Senior People

Managing Performance


Problem Solving


Consulting Skills


Customer Retention

Project Management


Managing Change

Leadership Essentials

These standard modules provide access to 141 Fast Answers, over 1,000 Tips and Techniques, 202 Practice Ideas, and 181 custom links to related books, seminars, and self-study courses. In addition, fourteen separate Discussion Forums allow users to interact directly with each other and with coaching experts.

The Technology Advice section provides additional links to up to ten (10) topics related to the use of the client organization’s current computing services and environment. Content for these sections will be provided by the client organization.

Terms:  The following general terms apply to the standard e-coach license package.  Contact E-Coach Associates for a specific price quote. 


Twelve (12) months.


Unlimited access for all licensed users.. 

Activation Notice:

E-Coach Associates must receive a signed and fully executed license agreement no later than fifteen (15) days prior to the desired activation date to ensure activation on the desired date.

Installation Support

All the technical support needed to properly install and maintain the e-coach system at the designated client site(s), including telephone "hot line" for client’s e-coach administrator.


Payment in full is required upon signing the annual license agreement.  Additional payment options are available.  Please contact us for details.

Upgrades and Enhancements:

Upgrades and enhancements will be provided at no additional cost during the term of the license agreement.


The license shall terminate thirty (30) days following the receipt of a written request for termination from the Licensee. A pro-rata share of the unused annual license fee shall be refunded, less setup and administrative fees specified in the license.

What you get:

Standard e-coach License

Coaching with the e-coach

Access to e-coach

Unlimited anytime/anywhere access for all authorized and licensed users for use in supporting the organization's coaching needs.


Expert Coaching

Up to twenty-four (24) hours of coaching support services from E-Coach Associates (an average of two (2) hours a month). During this time, E-Coach Associates will create and send e-mail messages to users to prompt them to use the tool, respond to questions posted in the discussion areas, or apply other techniques e-coach research indicates increase usage of on-line tools and reinforce their effectiveness.

Performance Management Tool

A management tool within e-coach designed to help managers to quickly and easily identify and track the soft-skills performance gaps of individual staff members.

Getting the Word Out

The communications and marketing tools needed to get the entire organization actively involved in the effort to improve the people side of job performance using e-coach.


Management Training

Two half-day, facilitator-led sessions to develop and strengthen the coaching skills of managers plus live follow-up coaching to reinforce and strengthen skills introduced during training.  (Training will be provided for up to 10% of all users licensed to access e-coach.)


Pricing Overview



The Standard e-coach License Fee

The Standard License Fee is for twelve (12) months of access, and it is based on the number of licensed users.  Sample base prices are provided below.  However, we encourage those interested to call for an exact price quote.

The e-coach License (Sample Base Prices)

# of Users

Monthly Cost Per Person

Annual Cost

















The Coaching with e-coach Program (Sample Base Prices)

# of Users

Monthly Cost Per Person

Annual Cost
















This annual fee includes web-hosting services provided through E-Coach Associates, Inc.  An additional setup fee may be charged to organizations that prefer to host their own site.

The Standard Coaching with e-coach Program Price

Includes the price of the standard e-coach license plus appropriate charges for services associated with “Getting the Word Out” and Management Training.


Modifications of existing e-coach content to reflect company- specific requirements generally cost an additional fee of between $10-$20,000.00 per module, depending on the level of customization required.

The cost for developing all new content in the e-coach construct starts at $50,000.00 per module. This option is suitable for organizations that want, for example, to develop their own content as a follow-up to traditional classroom training or e-learning courses, workshops, or seminars.



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