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What is e-coach?


A virtual coaching solution that revolutionizes workplace performance support!



What is e-coach?



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e-coach is a new web-based performance support tool, specifically designed to be used as a personal electronic coach by everyone in an organization.  It enables individuals to develop – at their own pace (and when they want to) – in the skills and competencies most recognized as the ones that contribute to success and improved performance.   

  • e-coach offers direct, simple, and easy-to-understand and implement advice on how to handle typical workplace challenges -- just like a mentor or coach. 

  •  e-coach provides direct access to additional resources for learning if the user wants or needs more help, because it is designed to quickly connect users to all of the existing and potential learning resources of any organization.

  • e-coach makes it easy to begin to learn and to learn more because it also provides easy access to existing company resources for learning that may be available but are typically underutilized -- or even ignored -- by busy staff.

e-coach helps close the gap between periodic performance reviews and meeting new goals by actually providing coaching and development help to employees.  e-coach works because it provides one-on-one coaching for situations related to people and the processes in which they are engaged every day at work, and it is available whenever the employee is ready to get advice.  Simply put, e-coach enhances performance and productivity because it is the closest thing to having an actual coach or mentor who can provide individualized help in any workplace situation for which an individual may want help or support. Whether the concern is about people, technology, policies, or process, e-coach provides significant value -- even if an individual has a great manager, an available mentor, or a professional coach. That’s because unlike even the best coach -- e-coach is available 24/7.  It is always there.


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