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How It Works




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e-coach gives people the practical workplace coaching support they need to eliminate typical performance problems plus the know-how they need to quickly achieve new levels of workplace performance success. How it does this is what makes e-coach so powerful.

With a simple to use web-based interface, e-coach provides direct access to a wide variety of practical -- workplace tested -- coaching tools, content, and advice.  You can use the Personal Development Tool to quickly assess your  development needs or go directly to any topic and use any one of three available tools to get the performance help you need. 



The Personal Development Tool

The Personal Development Tool allows users to quickly identify improvement opportunities and create a personal improvement plan.






Fast Answers

Fast Answers gives specific ideas for handling many typical situations.






Knowledge Central

Knowledge Central brings a variety of learning and development resources to the desktop to make it easy and convenient to build skills and self-awareness.







Learning Connection

The Learning Connection provides access to a discussion forum that makes it easy to share information and knowledge and learn from one another.



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