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What is e-coach?




Why is e-coach needed? 




Why e-coach now?




How can I see a demonstration of e-coach quickly?




Does e-coach come with real coaching content?




Can you provide examples of e-coach content?




Who wrote the content and designed the coaching approach used in e-coach?




Who is the intended audience for e-coach?




Can I have an e-coach license for fewer than 100 users?




Can e-coach be used effectively to support leadership development?




We have a competency model.  Will using e-coach conflict with it or can our model be used in e-coach?




Can we lease the template and create our own content?




Does e-coach come with any training to use it -- or have managers use it?




Who provides the coaching support that comes with the e-coach license?




Are "discussion areas" open to users from other organizations or are they private?




Are Fast Answers all the same length -- some seem rather brief?




Who's using e-coach now?




Can we talk to current users?




Can we use e-coach before we purchase it?




I need to involve others in the decision making process -- what is the best way to do this?




Can we simply license access to e-coach without buying any live coaching or training support?




What kinds of feedback do organizations get who license e-coach?




What does e-coach cost?




What is e-coach?


e-coach is a new web-based performance support tool designed to help people maximize their ability to contribute to overall organizational success.  It:

  • Works like a personal coach to reinforce and support learning in three different and effective ways – with:

  • Fast Answers to frequently asked questions related to key concepts and material;

  • Many practical ideas and readily available resources for additional learning and development in one easy-to-  access location called Knowledge Central; and

  • A Learning Connection where users can quickly and easily “meet” with peers and colleagues as well as subject matter experts to discuss issues specifically related to the topic at hand.

  • Reinforces material presented in any format – in classrooms, on-line, in print or on film – and by any vendor’s products or any in-house learning tool or approach.  The straightforward, easy-to-use e-coach template “packages” everything any organization provides to support learning that is considered critical to the organization’s success.

  • Provides concrete suggestions for applying concepts and skills acquired elsewhere plus easy-to-follow, specific ideas and resources for pursuing additional learning related to the topic (books, articles, courses, practice ideas, and more).  

  • Helps organizations leverage money spent on training by providing the reinforcement and support for using everything that has been learned to achieve real results.

  • Promotes the development of a learning culture by encouraging discussion and learning around topics that are deemed critical to workplace success.

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