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Give your employees the tools to


Give them e-coach -- a cost-effective way to offer the benefits of coaching to every member of your organization.




Coaching Programs for Performance Excellence


Whether you need electronic coaching, live coaching, or a combination of the two, we provide the solution that's just right for your organization.


Electronic and Blended Coaching Solutions











e-coach Online


Coaching with e-coach


e-coach Plus










A breakthrough in performance coaching, this program provides 24/7 virtual access to coaching content and support in fourteen areas critical to on-the-job success. 


An innovative program specifically designed to strengthen the coaching skills of managers and promote successful implementation in the your organization.


Just the right blend of electronic and live coaching services to meet the specific performance and development needs of your organization. 








Live Coaching Support













Executive Coaching


Coaching for Teams


Leadership Development










An executive coaching program designed to improve the ability of senior executives to perform effectively and contribute to organizational excellence. 


A coaching program specifically designed to help team members develop a "culture of performance excellence" and engage in effective teamwork and collaboration. 


A world-class program for building leadership essentials in the nine competencies needed for leading self, leading others, and leading the organization. 








Coaching Support in 14 Areas Critical to Workplace Success


Getting Along with Peers







Managing Performance


 Interacting with Senior People


Problem Solving




Effective Communication




Consulting Skills




Customer Retention


Leadership Essentials


Project Management


Managing Priorities


Managing Change


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White Paper










Virtual Coaching:  Using Technology to Boost Performance


The case for on-the-job -- just-in-time -- performance coaching.


Closing the reinforcement and performance gap for traditional and e-learning approaches.








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Workplace Performance Coaching










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A blog by Dr. Pat Gill Webber -- Co-Founder and Principal of E-Coach Associates.



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