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Programs and Services


A variety of electronic and live coaching solutions to meet your performance improvement needs.



Programs and Services




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Even though organizations continue to spend money on training and development, many are seeing no real performance improvement.  Simply put – training and development investments are not paying off.

e-coach changes all that.  It is a breakthrough in performance coaching that makes it possible to provide active reinforcement and coaching support to everyone in the workplace – the kind that’s needed to make performance improvement efforts really work.   e-coach is web-based, practical, easy to use, and inexpensive.  And it works – for individuals, teams, and entire organizations.

Whether you prefer electronic or live coaching – or a combination of the two --  E-Coach Associates offers an option that’s just right for your organization.

Electronic and Blended Coaching Solutions

  1. e-coach is an electronic coaching tool that provides 24/7 web-based access to coaching content and support in fourteen areas critical to on-the-job success.  e-coach is the right solution if you want to provide coaching support to a geographically dispersed workforce, when you already have a well defined coaching culture and you want to expand the “reach” of your coaching support, or when you need a highly cost-effective coaching solution.

  2. Coaching with e-coach is a combination of electronic and live coaching.  With this unique blended solution you get unlimited access to e-coach and live training and coaching support for managers to help them become better coaches. 

  3. e-coach Plus allows you to design a custom program of your own.   This solution is the best choice when you want to create the “mix” that will allow you to have the combination of electronic and/or live coaching support that’s just right for your organization. 

Live Coaching Support

E-Coach Associates also offers traditional coaching support and performance development programs.  They include one-on-one executive coaching, coaching for teams, and leadership development programs.  Every live coaching or performance development program is tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization, and every one is delivered by expert coaches from E-Coach Associates. 

To learn more about ECA programs, please contact us today.



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