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What is e-coach?


A virtual coaching solution that revolutionizes workplace performance support!




What is e-coach?



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Why an on-line coach?

It takes more than awareness and training to successfully acquire and use skills such as the ones supported by e-coach. To fully develop these skills, individuals must successfully transfer them from learning situations to workplace realities. The best way to do that is with ongoing reinforcement and support.

Ideally, everyone would have a personal and professional manager or mentor to assist in making this transition, because thatís what it takes to insure successful carryover. Many do. High-level, well-paid individuals are hiring personal coaches, and corporations are training and encouraging managers to provide critical coaching support. But the need for more coaches -- and less expensive ways to provide needed coaching to even larger groups of people -- remains.

e-coach fills this critical gap because it operates as an effective -- and affordable -- generic coach. It is ready and able to offer advice, support, and development ideas for any employee at any time -- 24 hours a day -- whenever an employee needs it.

e-coach is not a replacement for the human touch, but it is an effective adjunct to "live" coaching that can be beneficial for everyone in the organization because it provides another sound perspective at the same time it reinforces and strengthens good, solid ideas provided elsewhere. It makes it possible to deliver a baseline of coaching support to those who have poor or marginal managers and leaders. And it also serves as a worthwhile supplement to those who have access to excellent coaching and mentoring. These individuals can use e-coach when time is tight or their mentor or manager is unavailable.



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