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What is e-coach?


A virtual coaching solution that revolutionizes workplace performance support!




What is e-coach?



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e-coach provides benefits for organizations and individuals.

For the Organization, e-coach:

  • Provides a way to give every worker a personal, on-line coach -- one that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week -- to help each individual to perform better in every area research suggests is related to individual and organizational success.

  • Offers an effective way to give managers the support they need to be effective coaches and perform this key responsibility

  • Supports and reinforces existing learning and training provided by the company.

  • Provides a "concrete" way to create a performance-centered culture by helping people to get the training and learning opportunities they need, and by teaching them -- easily and simply -- how to learn.

  • Creates a place to begin to capture -- and leverage -- valuable organizational knowledge.

  • Provides a way to discover the areas in which workers need support, so such needs can be addressed -- and eliminated.

  • Helps every worker to be more productive by providing unique and relevant content and advice that is easy to understand and use..

For Individuals, e-coach provides:

  • A electronic personal coach -- one that can give meaningful and practical advice immediately as well as provide direction to more online coaching information that can be accessed quickly, easily, and efficiently.

  • Access to live coaches who supplement online coaching content and further enrich the coaching experience.

  • Access to coaching support when a manager or mentor is not available.

  • A way to quickly and easily see and tap into all the resources for learning at their disposal.

  • A place to share ideas, collaborate, and ask questions -- openly or confidentially.


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