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What is e-coach?


A virtual coaching solution that revolutionizes workplace performance support!




What is e-coach?



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e-coach is unique because:

         It provides a real solution to critical workplace needs.


e-coach provides a way to help every person in an organization to be more productive. And it doesnít limit advice to the materials of one or another school, vendor, or expert. It does not simply provide an on-line version of existing materials.  It is a universal, generic workplace coach that puts all the resources of any large company at the disposal of its employees and combines short, easy-to-digest information with long-term, sophisticated strategies for growth and development. e-coach is there to offer appropriate direction, the right experiences, and the best resources for becoming more experienced and knowledgeable about skills ranging from communication and problem solving to consulting and coaching skills, .

         It starts with the employee in mind.

e-coach is designed from the userís viewpoint, and it allows workers to access what they really need -- not what a training company thinks they need to know. With, e-coach, individuals get what they want and need when they want or need it. Then, through on-going interaction with e-coach, users are able to develop practical understanding that typically motivates them to want to learn more and perform at consistently higher levels.

         It changes or expands to keep pace with the organizationís situation or requirements.

With a license to use e-coach, as a company or its needs evolve and change, e-coach can continue to change and provide new or different -- or more or less -- resources for learning and performance support because standard e-coach content can be quickly and easily modified to incorporate what has changed. A company can also use the e-coach construct to provide information or performance support that is uniquely its own. Either way e-coach serves as both a provider of valuable insight and information and a convenient "place" individuals can go to for support -- one that is easy to access and use. As such, it enhances and supports any other existing approaches or materials -- but it never competes with them.



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