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A variety of electronic and live coaching solutions to meet your performance improvement needs..



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The facilitator-led training offered with the Coaching with e-coach system gives managers the training they need to coach – confidently and effectively -- using e-coach.  It is delivered in two half-day sessions.  

Session 1:


During the first half-day training session, managers develop and strengthen their coaching skills and learn how to use e-coach to assist them in coaching to enhance the people side of performance.    

Session 2:


In the second session, managers learn how to promote the use of e-coach, so the people they coach can use it independently on an ongoing basis -- to reinforce and supplement the personal coaching their manager provides.  In addition, managers have an opportunity to work with an expert coach as well as other “coaching managers” to share observations about what works and what doesn’t and to discuss problems that may come up.  Participants have opportunities to leverage lessons learned and to brainstorm to continue to discover new and better ways to provide effective coaching support, overcome problems associated with coaching, and achieve desired results. 

Managers are also introduced to the online Personal Development Tool (PDT) in e-coach – a management tool that makes it fast and easy to suggest ideas and activities staff can use to close identified performance gaps.   The template lists typical soft-skills competencies associated with effective performance, and it provides one or more hyperlinks to relevant material in e-coach for each one.  Individuals can access and use this content and these resources on their own and as a basis for follow-up discussions with managers and others as they engage in their improvement and development efforts.



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