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A variety of electronic and live coaching solutions to meet your performance improvement needs.



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A world-class leadership development program specifically designed for busy executives.  Includes up to eleven (11) interactive learning and discovery sessions plus follow-up access to e-coach – a breakthrough coaching support tool -- all designed to promote deep learning, discovery, and rapid development of key leadership skills and abilities.


$895.00 per person for groups of 20 to 30 participants.

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Because leadership skills and abilities are fundamental to all successful organizations.  Whether people are in traditional leadership positions or not, every member of the organization benefits from having great leadership skills – from members of the executive team, managers, high-potentials, and others.






Detailed Description

The E-Coach Leadership Development Program is based on decades of successful work with hundreds of executives and focuses on nine core competencies associated with effective leadership. Each competency is covered in detail in a series of fast-paced, lively, and informative sixty-minute sessions, and each session provides opportunities to develop understanding and engage in hands-on practice in order to build and support great leadership.  To ensure that all sessions focus on real-life client issues and challenges, E-Coach conducts at least one or two in-depth discussions with senior leaders prior to the start of the program and customizes content to reflect the organization’s specific needs and desired objectives. 

This “live” program can be supplemented with access to e-coach, a unique web-based coaching tool that offers additional electronic support.   e-coach compliments everything provided in the training by promoting further self discovery and development and making support for the ongoing coaching and development efforts of successful leaders available – any time or any place they may want or need it.

What Clients are Saying:

“The program is perfect – a brilliant way to provide the coaching support we need.”

“This program has made a real difference.”

“All training should be like this!”

“Wouldn’t have time to do it any other way”.

“Feeling much more confident as a leader.”

Length/Timing of Program

The E-Coach Leadership Development Program consists of ten (10) sessions that are generally held once a week for ten (10) weeks.  However, the program may be configured differently, if necessary.  For example, it can be presented in bi-monthly or monthly sessions of longer duration.  The first session is a start-up session that includes an overview of the entire program and an introduction to the first competency.  The remaining nine (9) sessions include a review of the competency presented in the previous session and the introduction of a new competency.  All sessions are approximately sixty minutes and involve teamwork, discussion, sharing of successes and barriers to success, and opportunities to develop solutions for problems that participants identify. 

The standard program also includes one individual coaching session for each participant (by phone, Skype, or in person), a follow up evaluation of the program as a whole, and suggestions for ongoing development for those who have completed the program.

For organizations that license e-coach to use as a supplement to the program, an e-mail follow-up message goes out to each participant after each session to provide relevant links to related e-coach content and other ideas for appropriate development. 

Leadership Program Content


Part One:  Leading Self


This part of the program looks at understanding the character traits and emotional intelligence components essential to be a leader.  The three sessions focus on:

  • Accepting accountability -- Taking and owning personal responsibility for work and results.

  • Developing self awareness and self regulation -- Developing the skills of self discovery and self control that make a person able to lead others and handle complex and challenging tasks in ways that most people find appropriate and motivational.

  • Becoming a continuous learner -- Knowing what and how to learn individually and in a team---and how to keep learning and growing to achieve personal excellence and competence.


Part Two: Leading Others


The focus of this part of the program is on understanding and using the behaviors related to facilitating excellent performance and the management of individuals and teams.  The three sessions are:

  • Creating an achievement environment -- Sharpening skills required to build a culture that appropriately rewards and supports great performance and helps others improve and achieve.

  • Developing people for optimal performance --  Learning skills to uncover what people need to know to be successful and how to build on strengths and developmental needs. 

  • Leading by example -- Providing the right modeling for others to create the best individual and team performance.


Part Three: Leading the Organization


The third and last part of the program develops understanding of the skills related to organizational change and performance.  It takes participants’ focus beyond the concerns of individual management to the ones they expected to address as members of a team of leaders who are responsible for creating great performance.  The three sessions are:

  • Being visionary -- Knowing how to inspire others and gain their commitment through powerful visioning skills.

  • Focusing on change -- Supporting change and -- when it is necessary --transformation of the current ways of doing work.  Challenging existing approaches and helping others to be more innovative and think in creative and innovative ways.

  • Strategic and complex thinking -- Moving up to a broader way of thinking about things and thinking critically to see beyond their own “narrow” concerns to the bigger organizational challenges that are the greater concern of leadership.

Leadership Program Format

During each session, executive coaches and facilitators from E-Coach Associates follow a two-step protocol specifically designed to ensure that each competency is properly introduced and explained and that each participant has ample opportunities to work with E-Coach staff and other participants to completely understand each new competency.  This two-step process is built around:


Introducing a Competency


  • Explaining what it is.

  • Providing some positive and negative examples.

  • Inviting participants to offer additional examples.  [Team Activity]

  • Summarizing Do’s and Don’ts.

  • Having participants “Take Stock” and set goals for “Moving Forward.


Reviewing a Competency


Having participants work in teams to quickly confer and share observations and insights and then describe them to the larger group:

  • How they increased “frequency” with the competency that was being developed.

  • Tips for “moving up the scale” (things that could help others to be successful, too).

  • Specific examples of new ways they put the competency into practice and demonstrated their ability to perform it effectively.

  • “Ah-ha” moments.


Eight hundred and ninety five dollars ($895.00) per person for groups of 20 to 30 participants.  Pricing for groups smaller than 20 is also available.  Maximum group size is thirty.


To learn more about this ECA offering, please contact us today.



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