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Programs and Services


A variety of electronic and live coaching solutions to meet your performance improvement needs..



Programs and Services





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The e-coach license provides access to content and resources needed to ensure performance excellence.  It's a turnkey solution that supports performance and development needs of staff members -- wherever they are -- whenever they need it!  With this “blended” approach, e-coach provides workers at all levels with 24/7 access to online resources and access to live coaches, too!


Cost is based on customer requirements and the number of people to be licensed.   Therefore, the annual cost per person varies with the overall number of licensed users.  Here are some sample base prices.

Size of Group

Monthly Fee Per User

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Because coaching really works!  While traditional training typically improves workplace productivity by 20 to 25%, with coaching productivity improvement soars to 85 to 90%.  Bottom line -- an e-coach license provides peace of mind because it gives you the ability to deliver the coaching support that makes the difference -- not just for a few but for everyone!






Detailed Description

e-coach is a new web-based coaching and performance support tool that reinforces training, encourages learning, and helps people to improve their ability to perform and contribute to organizational success.  The greatest benefit of e-coach comes from its ability to help organizations close what we call the “performance management gap.” 

While many organizations support a performance management process that encourages goal setting and performance evaluations, few provide active and effective support to individuals throughout the actual performance period -- as they work to perform their daily responsibilities and achieve goals.  e-coach closes this gap by providing just-in-time performance support.  It offers:

  • Fast Answers to frequently asked questions related to key concepts and material;

  • Many practical ideas and readily available resources for additional learning and development in one easy-to-  access location called Knowledge Central; and

  • A Learning Connection where users can quickly and easily “meet” with peers and colleagues as well as subject matter experts to ask additional questions or discuss issues specifically related to the topic at hand.


  • Reinforces material presented in any format – in classrooms, online, in print, or on film – and from any vendor’s products or any in-house learning tool or approach. 

  • Packages” coaching content, critical to organizational success, in one straightforward, easy-to-use e-coach template.

  • Provides concrete suggestions for applying concepts and skills acquired elsewhere plus specific ideas and resources (books, articles, courses, practice ideas, and more) for pursuing additional learning related to the topic.

  • Helps organizations leverage money spent on training by providing the reinforcement and support that enables individuals to use everything that has been learned to achieve real results.

  • Promotes the development of a performance-centered culture by encouraging discussion and learning around topics that are deemed critical to workplace success.

The standard e-coach license provides:

Access to e-coach


Unlimited anytime/anywhere access for all authorized and licensed users for use in supporting the organization's performance and coaching needs.

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Expert Coaching (Example for a group of 100 users)


Up to twenty-four (24) hours* of live coaching support services from E-Coach Associates (an average of two (2) hours a month). During this time, E-Coach Associates will create and send e-mail messages to users to prompt them to use the tool, respond to questions posted in the discussion areas, or apply other techniques E-Coach research indicates increase usage of on-line tools and reinforce their effectiveness.

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Performance Management Support


A personal development tool within e-coach designed to help managers to quickly and easily identify and track the soft-skills performance gaps of individual staff members.

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