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A variety of electronic and live coaching solutions to meet your performance improvement needs.



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Access to all of the features and support offered with the e-coach license  plus all of the training and support needed to improve your management team’s ability to coach effectively. 


Cost is based on customer requirements and the number of people to be supported.   Therefore, the annual cost per person varies with the overall number of  users.  Here are some sample base prices.

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Because developing and sustaining a high-performance workforce requires the commitment and active hands-on support of managers -- the kind best provided by ones who are great performance coaches.  That’s why managers in most organizations are expected to be front-line coaches.  However, many – no matter how well-intentioned – don’t have the time or the requisite skills to coach effectively.






Detailed Description

Coaching with e-coach is an innovative new system for enhancing the coaching skills of managers, so they can be more effective in strengthening the people skills of others.  It combines a small amount of focused training up front with ongoing access to e-coach, a new web-based coaching tool.  The unique approach offered by Coaching with e-coach helps managers to develop and use coaching skills that enable them to enhance the people side of performance.   And it gives organizations a cost-effective, convenient way to provide ongoing support for their managers' good efforts - and to leverage those efforts for the benefit of those who report to them and the organization.

With Coaching with e-coach, organizations can:

  • Develop and strengthen the coaching skills of managers,

  • Give everyone in the organization the benefits of access to a universal online coach,

  • Close the gap between goal setting and performance assessments by providing the help people need to improve their ability to perform and achieve desired goals,  and

  • Successfully manage the "soft" side of job performance in order to achieve improved performance results.


Whether the goal is to begin a transition to a coaching culture or to provide ongoing support for one that's already in place, Coaching with e-coach gives organizations what they need to succeed. 


The Coaching Imperative -- Why Your Organization Needs Coaching with e-coach



Organizations must demonstrate greater competence than ever before to achieve success in today's business environment.   Therefore, managers must coach staff members to continuously strengthen and refine their abilities in all areas of performance required for success -- including the ones related to the people side of the job. 

Most managers avoid coaching on the “softer side” of performance, however, because they often do not have enough time to do it. And they hesitate to make the time because they don't fully appreciate how effective coaching can help them to leverage their efforts and accomplish their strategies.    Coaching with e-coach provides a solution.  It gives managers the support they need to coach effectively, so they can carry out their coaching responsibilities - confidently and effectively.

The Coaching with e-coach System provides:



All of the tools and support required for successful implementation and ongoing use --everything an organization will need to:

  • Help individuals and their managers use e-coach successfully,

  •  Initiate a successful transition to a new performance-centered coaching culture or strengthen an existing one,

  • Address the Change Management issues that typically accompany transitioning to a coaching culture, and

  • Benefit from the kind of coaching that focuses on improving the skills needed for successful performance.

Tools and support for implementation include:


  • Management Training -- facilitator-led sessions to develop and strengthen the coaching skills of managers.

  • Communication and Marketing Tools -- all the materials needed to “get the word out” and promote the active involvement of the entire organization in the effort to improve the people side of performance using e-coach.

Tools and support for ongoing use include:


  • Access to e-coach -- a web-based on-line tool -- available anytime/ anywhere -- to support the organization's performance and coaching needs.

  • Expert Coaching  -- coaching support provided by certified e-coach Subject Matter Experts.

  • Performance Management Support -- a tool within e-coach designed to be used by managers to help them to quickly and easily identify and track soft skills performance gaps. 

All of these components are included with the standard e-coach license.* 


*Clients may tailor the standard license to meet their unique needs.

The Benefits of Using the Coaching with e-coach System:


Together, the components of the Coaching with e-coach system make it easy – and affordable – for any organization to develop an effective performance-centered coaching culture because it provides managers with:

  • Fast, effective “basic training” in the skills effective coaches use to improve the people side of job performance;

  • A coaching “role model” to learn from and follow – one that is easy to relate to and always available;

  • Relevant knowledge and information about the people side of job performance, so they know the “right” things to say to help others to be more effective;

  • Ongoing support for day-to-day coaching activities aimed at enhancing the people side of job performance;  plus 

  • Easy-to-use, sound suggestions for eliminating the most common performance gaps and promoting the kind of continuous learning and development that results in success in areas related to the people side of job performance.

Bottom Line:


The Coaching with e-coach system is a cost-effective breakthrough solution for helping managers to effectively close the gap between what knowledge workers know about the people side of job performance, what they need to know, and their ability to effectively apply what they know in typical workplace situations. 



To learn more about this ECA offering, please contact us today.



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