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A variety of electronic and live coaching solutions to meet your performance improvement needs..



Programs and Services





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The ability to choose a unique combination of e-coach services you want to get the exact solution you need.


Varies according to the services selected.

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Because your organization has unique issues and e-coach PLUS allows you to tailor a solution to address those needs.






Detailed Description

e-coach Plus gives you the ability to create a custom solution to your performance improvement needs by using a variety of optional services to tailor and supplement the use of e-coach. These services range from making minor to extensive modifications to existing e-coach content and developing entirely new content presented in the e-coach construct to a variety of coaching-support activities designed to enhance an organization's ability to develop staff and improve performance.

e-coach Plus options are typically "add-ons" to the standard e-coach license or Coaching with e-coach program.

Plus options may include any of the services listed below.

Targeted Surveys

Studies conducted before, during, and/or after a coaching engagement to assess the state of coaching within the organization.


Evaluations designed to help people recognize their own strengths and developmental needs.  Can be self assessments, management assessments, or a 360 assessments.

Goal Setting Support

Support for setting goals related to the use of e-coach within an organization – goals for (1) using e-coach, (2) developing staff, (3) using e-coach as part of a larger change  implementation, or (4) focusing on achieving performance excellence.

Focus Groups

Small group sessions to understand the issues and needs of the organization or to determine approaches for using e-coach.  These sessions can also be used to help “deepen” the use of e-coach or support the overall performance improvement approach.

One-On-One Coaching

High-level and professional coaching for managers/directors/other executives who need help in developing themselves and/or their subordinates. 

Seminars on Coaching

Short and targeted sessions to strengthen people’s understanding and abilities related to coaching others and themselves effectively.

Targeted Training

Learning experiences designed to target a specific skill deficiency or develop new skills.

Leadership Development Support

Targeted sessions specifically focused on the skills, attitudes, and behaviors associated with  effective leadership in changing times.  Short, intense, and useful learning experiences for leaders at all levels of an organization.



Modifications of existing e-coach content to reflect company-specific requirements generally cost between $10-$20,000.00 per module, depending on the level of customization required.

New Content

The cost for developing all new content in the e-coach construct starts at $50,000.00 per module.


Several examples illustrating how e-coach customization can help your organization.


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