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A variety of electronic and live coaching solutions to meet your performance improvement needs.



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Expert one-on-one coaching support for senior members of your organization.  Engagements can be sponsored by your organization’s central HR function or arranged directly by designated executives.  Coaching sessions are typically in-person, but they may also be conducted by phone or video conference when appropriate.


Costs are a function of the scope and complexity of the coaching required.  Therefore, they vary widely.  Typical executive coaching engagements range from $10,000 to $30,000 and last one to three months depending on the needs of the executives. 

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Because helping executives succeed is vital, and senior staff members often don’t have the time required for more traditional development methods.  In addition, methods and techniques used by expert business coaches often help executives to quickly navigate performance obstacles and achieve significantly higher levels of performance excellence.  This is the reason why 71% of  executives in North America use coaches.






Detailed Description

ECA's Executive Coaching practice is designed to help senior members of the organization to reflect, self-discover, and dramatically improve their ability to perform and contribute to organizational success.  Whether the individual needs to address a problem or develop a new skill or capability, ECA’s coaching support allows the client to:

  • Quickly identify relevant issues, individual and organizational objectives, or performance gaps,

  • Develop action plans for achieving new levels of individual performance and success, and

  • Achieve desired results. 

ECA’s highly interactive approach enables people in senior positions to improve their ability to:


Communicate Effectively


Build and Maintain Effective Relationships


Provide Effective Leadership

With staff at all levels, members of the business community, and outside service providers.


Within their organization and outside of it, and engage in effective teamwork and collaboration with individuals in both groups.


By promoting a “culture of performance excellence” that ensures that execution -- what people are doing -- is properly aligned with strategy -- what the organization wants to do.


Master Critical Leadership Competencies


Identify and Eliminate/Reduce Roadblocks


Overcome Obstacles

The nine competencies presented in the E-Coach Leadership Model – competencies related to Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading the Organization.


Ones that limit their ability to perform successfully either individually or as a member of a team.


In order to achieve his/her individual and organizational performance objectives.


During each one-on-one working session or interaction, ECA Executive Coaches:

  • Promote continuous improvement by providing insight and feedback that reinforces appropriate skills and behaviors;

  • Identify trouble spots and barriers to success;

  • Pose questions that encourage the client to engage in “reflective thought” that often results in seeing things in new and different ways; and

  • Help the participant to overcome obstacles in order to achieve his/her individual performance objectives.


ECA’s approach is based on it’s D.A.R.E to SucceedTM coaching model – an approach that supports clients as they Discover what needs to be accomplished; Act on what needs to be done; Reinforce improvement activities; and Evaluate progress. 



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