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Programs and Services


A variety of electronic and live coaching solutions to meet your performance improvement needs.



Programs and Services





Electronic and Blended Programs


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Access to e-coach


Unlimited access to e-coach, the web-based coaching tool, and all of the content in all of the current coaching modules. Available modules address:

Getting Along with Peers

Leadership Essentials

Problem Solving

Interacting with Senior People

Managing Priorities

Effective Communication


Managing Performance

Consulting Skills


Managing Change

Customer Retention



Project Management

These standard modules give users access to 141 Fast Answers, over 1,000 Tips and Techniques, 202 Practice Ideas, and 181 custom links to related books, seminars, and self-study courses. In addition, fifteen separate Discussion Forums allow users to interact directly with each other and with coaching experts.


The Technology Advice section provides additional links to up to ten (10) topics related to the use of the client organizationís current computing services and environment. Content for these sections will be supplied by the client organization and posted to the e-coach site by E-Coach Associates, Inc.


The e-coach Product Description

A complete description of the functions and features of our breakthrough on-line performance support tool.

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