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Product Description


Hundreds of coaching suggestions available at the click of a mouse.



Product Description


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Effective Communication

For example:

  • Avoid turning people off.

  • How to listen to others effectively to really GET what they are saying.

  • Getting all the information you need from others.

  • Providing information to others.

  • Making sure people are getting your messages.

  • Understand why people listen and how to present effectively.

  • Differences in communicating on the phone, in person, and in e-mail.

  • Communicating “bad news” effectively.

  • How to write clearly, simply, and directly.

  • Communicating with senior people.

  • How and why to carefully check written communications before sending them.

  • Giving and receiving feedback.

  • Presenting clearly and appropriately.

  • Minimizing “noise” to communicate more effectively.

  • Using an organized approach to communicate for maximum impact.

  • How to focus on the audience when communicating.






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