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Product Description


Hundreds of coaching suggestions available at the click of a mouse.



Product Description


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Consulting Skills

For example:

  • What is consulting and how is it used in an organization.

  • How to be an effective consultant within an organization and achieve beneficial results.

  • Why companies sometimes hire outsiders like consultants when people inside the company can do as well.

  • Why people keep changing their minds about what they want.

  • Why sometimes the best solutions do not get implemented.

  • How you can figure out what clients or customers need.

  • How you can keep people’s interest in implementing solutions to problems and issues.

  • How you can hold your own when working with those in other departments and units and partner effectively with those in your own organization.

  • Explaining things to others in ways that enable them to understand what you do and how you can help them.

  • How to handle problem relationships between different units and departments or between clients/customers and internal people.

  • Understanding and using a consultative process.

  • Understanding what types of situations are best suited for using a consultative approach.

  • Developing alternative solutions.

  • Supporting implementations.

  • How to close something out and follow up appropriately. 






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