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Product Description


Hundreds of coaching suggestions available at the click of a mouse.



Product Description


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Customer Retention

For example:

  • Why customer retention is so important and profitable for organizations.

  • Why it is important to keep customers even if you keep getting new ones.

  • How to tell if people are good long term customers.

  • Why and how you can we create high expectations.

  • How to be customer focused and appreciated even if you don’t work directly with customers of your organization.

  • What to do to avoid losing customers.

  • When customers should just be “fired” or ignored.

  • How to ensure customers are satisfied and stay that way.

  • The absolute "dos" and "don’ts" for retention.

  • How you affect customers even if you are not actually “around them”.

  • Following up on customer issues.

  • Exceeding expectations.

  • Using customer feedback.

  • Communicating with customers.

  • Satisfying customers.

  • Creating customer loyalty






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