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Product Description


HHundreds of coaching suggestions available at the click of a mouse.



Product Description


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Managing Change

For example:

  • Why organizations are continually changing.

  • Why most people seem to resist change and how to handle it when they do.

  • Understanding that most people do not avoid change and how to use that information to facilitate successful change.

  • Understanding how to deal with change with different age groups or cohorts.

  • How different types of workers handle change.

  • How to manage change in your own job.

  • How to be seen as someone who is "pro-change" and on board with organization changes.

  • Developing skills to lead change.

  • How to work with others at all levels on change issues.

  • How much or little to tell others about change plans.

  • The role of learning and training in change processes.

  • What organizational change processes look like and how to manage them.

  • Taking personal action in change situations.

  • Recognizing reality in today’s organizations.

  • Stepping back and observing change and learning how best to deal with it.

  • Experimenting with new situations.

  • Evaluating efforts to produce change.

  • Celebrating success.

  • Seeing change as an on-going and continuous process.






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