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Product Description


Hundreds of coaching suggestions available at the click of a mouse..



Product Description


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Leadership Essentials

For example:

  • Defining management and leadership—differences and similarities..

  • Why management and leadership are both critical to success.

  • How to develop competence in management and leadership.

  • Why and how everyone needs to manage and lead themselves personally first.

  • How to understand and develop personal accountability.

  • How to understand and exhibit self awareness and self regulation.

  • How to understand and become a person focused on continuous learning.

  • How to manage and lead others.

  • How to motivate, persuade, create an environment of motivation, and help others to succeed.

  • How to encourage people to learn.

  • How to lead in the organization by setting a consistent example.

  • How to develop people for optimal performance.

  • How to understand the importance of vision and develop the capacity to provide vision.

  • How to lead and manage change in an organization.

  • How to be a strategic and complex thinker.






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