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Product Description


Hundreds of coaching suggestions available at the click of a mouse.



Product Description


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For example:

  • When to have meetings/when not to.

  • How to organize meetings.

  • How to work within a meeting.

  • When to end a meeting.

  • Handling conflict in a meeting.

  • Handling presentations or participation in a meeting (with senior people or with people at various levels).

  • The difference between leading a meeting and facilitating one.

  • How to share the leadership of meetings.

  • How to organize an agenda.

  • How to set and use norms for meetings.

  • What makes for a productive/successful meeting.

  • How to keep folks on track in a meeting.

  • How to keep yourself interested and involved in meetings.

  • What to do when no one wants to lead a meeting.

  • How to get everyone to contribute in a meeting.

  • How to help people to be more open and effective in meetings,

  • Building on the ideas of others.

  • Using synergy to get more out of meetings.

  • Technology and meetings.

  • How to build cohesion to maximize productivity in meetings.






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